Design Ideas

Natural Canadian Fur Products is proud to be able to provide professional designers a wide array of beautiful colours and designs in fur. We can dye sheared fur into ANY colour you desire. All we would need is a sample in any form: fabric swatch or coloured paper. Almost anything goes!

NCFP also offers a wide array of designs. The Mosaic, Fusion, Granite, and Safari patterns you see below are just a small sample of the innovative and unique designs we offer in our sheared beaver fur.

Another way to create patterns is to carve them into the sheared fur. This can be done at a variety of depths to create anything from a subtle pattern to a dramatic statement. In our Carvings section, you will see samples of the beautiful effects created by this process. You will also have an opportunity to view the wide array of colours and combinations of colours NCFP is happy to provide the discerning consumer.

In our Duotone section, you will see the deepest carving. Parts of the fur are shaved down to the leather which we can dye to either match the fur or use a complementary or contrasting colour to dramatic affect.

NCFP is always delighted to support creativity, so please feel free to contact us about making your own colour design or carving design a reality in the beautiful medium of luxury fur.

Design Ideas
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